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Gem and Mineral Show

By Joe Starkey



The civic center was full of rocks that went way past pretty into beautiful and expensive. Tamika Braye is now a freshman at Cooper High School and has been to the show every year since her mother, Renee brought her to her first one when she was only 5 months old. Every year they purchase a few rocks for their collection and try to continuously upgrade their birth stones as they buy one for each of them every year. {{more}} Tamika Braye and her mother Renee. Photo by Joe StarkeyOne of the fun things at the show was people were able to pick a geode from the $5 or $10 tables and then take it over to be cracked and to admire what was inside before taking their treasure home. Gregori Mikeski picked four solid stones before he found one that had beauty inside.This is a great show every year. It shows the geology of Texas and includes much of the history by showing what Texans searched for in the early days of Texas. It is a wonderful way to educate our children and to have a day out with the whole family.Photo by Joe Starkey

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