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Fun Seasonal Activities For Kids

By Statepoint



Between the computer, television and video games, it can be difficult motivating kids to partake in fun activities that don’t involve sitting and staring. But with a little direction and some good ideas, a child’s interest in more active, stimulating recreation can be heightened. And all the while, the bond between child and parent or grandparent can be strengthened. Enjoy Nature Together “My grandmother taught me that nature isn’t something only enjoyed on a vacation or a drive,” says Sharon Lovejoy, a grandmother of four and author of “Toad Cottages & Shooting Stars,” a trusty new book filled with imaginative children’s activities. “Experiencing nature together means you open yourselves to the myriad mysteries unfolding around you.” For many children, outdoor adventures can take place right in their backyard. By creating a backyard explorer’s kit or attracting butterflies to your garden by making it critter-friendly, kids can be completely engaged in outdoor activities. Or how about teaching them to make a solar oven and then enjoy treats baked in it? There even are indoor pursuits involving nature, including planting everything from flowers to pumpkins to peanuts. Find a Meteor Shower While there are many natural phenomena children can enjoy, Lovejoy touts the wonder of meteor shows, particularly how they give children opportunities to enjoy the outdoors at night. “While you’re waiting, tell your child a story about these sparkling pieces of heaven,” says Lovejoy, who even provides a calendar of annual meteor showers in her book. If you can’t find enough sparkling objects in the sky, try making your own firefly lantern together. Fun in the Kitchen Generally speaking, any activity that involves eating is going to be appealing to children — and the spring and summer are great times for recipes featuring seasonal fruits and vegetables. By choosing some fun cooking and baking ideas and engaging your children in the process, families can keep busy for long periods of time, something especially appealing on rainy days. Whether their responsibilities involve mixing ingredients or timing dishes in the oven, children will be rewarded with the fruits of their labor. Find Ideas Online Finding good ideas for kids’ activities is tricky. Turn their love of sitting in front of the computer into fun in the physical world. There are many online resources providing calendars and ideas for seasonal kids’ activities. Engaging sites like and offer recipes, crafts and games. Visit for gardening and outdoor ideas and for information about her book, “Toad Cottages & Shooting Stars.” With many parents scrambling to stimulate fertile young minds, good ideas are key in the quest for family fun.

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