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Fulfilling Fate

By Sienna Miller



While first attending South Plantation High School in Florida, 22 year old Marvin Bien-Aime had not yet foreseen his future in running track. Throughout most of his childhood he had always played football, and held the position of DB in high school. Not knowing a whole lot about track, he had been turned off by the idea of participating in the sport. He understood it to just be a bunch of distance running, something that he was clearly not interested in doing.{{more}}Bien-Aime tells that it wasn’t until his junior year in high school that his track career began. Through a series of events and changes, S. Plantation high school let the head football coach go, and replaced the entire coaching staff that year. With the new coach in place, it was during a football game that fate tapped him on his shoulder. “During a football game, somebody broke and they were about to score, and I ran them down from the other side of the field. When I got to the sideline; my coach looked me in the eye and said “Marvin, why aren’t you running track?” says Bien-Aime. Bein-Aime goes on to say that after making it clear that he was not interested in track his coach gave him a challenge…one in which would change his fate forever. “He threatened me and said if I don’t run track this year, I’m not playing football next year…so I just took a chance with it.” Says Bien-Aime.Like Bien-Aime, ACU Coach Don D. Hood is also glad that he took that chance set before him not so long ago. Even though Bien-Aime was already at ACU when coach Don Hood Arrived, I asked him about his first impressions of Marvin. “I could tell that he was very serious about becoming a great athlete. There’s just a matter about him that when he comes to train…you can see.” Says D. Hood.Presently a junior on the track team at Abilene Christian University, Bien-Aime has broken national records in sprinting. He came in as a walk-on. He has not only been able to maintain his status over his short time there, with each step he has surpassed his previous records. As a freshman Bien-Aime received the title of being No.2 in the nation for the 200-Meter race, and during his sophomore year he became No.1 in the nation for the 200-meter race. He just keeps getting better. Marvin says he’s a mama’s boy. Even while this is true, it has been Bien-Aime’s leap of faith that he took to get here. That same leap of faith is going to bless the lives of many, here in the states as well as afar. Who knew that this shooting star would land right here in the Big Country…Abilene TX. to be exact?While on the rise soon after beginning his track career in high school, Division 1 schools from all over began offering him generous athletic scholarships. But after suffering an athletic injury, those same Div. 1 schools dropped their offers and began looking elsewhere for their future recruits. Their mistake has been ACU’s blessing. “He’s very driven, I think in everything he does.” Says track coach Don D. Hood. Through all of this Bien-Aime wants for those Division 1 schools to know…”I’m not done” he says. As one of his goals, he would also like to prove this to the world by representing a country that is very dear to his heart. This country is Haiti. Bien-Aime tells me that he is originally from Ft. Lauderdale Florida and that his parents are natives of Haiti. He told me about what it was like for him living in the crime capital of Ft. Lauderdale. He said that his parents did not want him or his siblings growing up in that type of an environment. It was at the age of 7 yrs. that they picked up and moved to a suburb called Plantation. Overall, this was a safer area for them. Bien-Aime is no stranger to humble beginnings. He says that before their move, his family of four lived in a 1-bedroom house in the center of a crime stricken area. Coming from where he has speaks volumes of his character. “I try to remain as humble as I can.” Says Bien-Aime. He that he has learned, “Being humble makes your rise to the top a lot smoother.” Coach Don D. Hood has this to say about Bien-Aime, “ He’s a friend to everyone and likes being a part of the team.” Hood adds, “He doesn’t step over others in an attempt to be the best.” Bien-Aime demonstrates true signs of a leader. He’s very disciplined in the way he goes about undertaking a task. “He’s a guy who follows through with what he says. If he says he’s gonna be there, then he’s there.” Says Hood. Reminding us all of something that is easily forgotten Bien-Aime says, that in life…“patience is the key.” He stresses the importance of discipline and says that it is necessary to stay focused. Being focused is part of what it has taken to get him where he is today. Bien-Aime has had a dream to run on behalf of the country of Haiti ever since he began running. This is one of his dreams that is about to come true this year in July. When asked what this opportunity meant to him Bien-Aime has this to say, “Everyday when I wake up in the morning, I just look at that flag that I have hanging up in front of my bed, and it just feels like a real honor…to finally get to do something good for a country that’s been recognized for so many bad things.” “He’s a very generous person.” Says head track coach Don D.Hood. He’s on a positive mission to impact that part of the world for the better. He tells that it’s a shame now days that the bad over-rides the good. “ I know I’m just one person, but I’m gonna try to change that the best way I can by running for them.” Says Bien-Aime. He’d like for the people to know that something good can come out of Haiti. He tells me that one of his main goals is to run professionally for them. When asked where he sees Bien-Aime in the future, Coach Hood says, “I think he’s got a chance to be a World-Class Runner. He’s got the mindset that he’s in this for the long-haul.” Through running for Haiti, Bien-Aime would like to make enough money to contribute in helping rebuild the country. He speaks of the level of poverty there and children not being in school. He’d like to help give these children an education so that they can have a better future. “I know it’s not gonna be easy, and I know that I am not going to be able to do it by myself either. It’s a start though.” Says Bien-Aime with a smile. On July 7th-9th, Bien-Aime will be running in the Dominican Republic in a place called Santa Domingo. He’ll be competing in the NACAC Athletic Association Championships. In addition, nearing the end of this month July25th-30th, Bien-Aime will be in the Caribbean Islands. Here he will be the only male running on behalf of Haiti in the CAC games. These are the Olympic Games of the Caribbean Islands. With a short vacation in between, Marvin will get a chance to rest and go home before the next school year begins. He is presently a junior Exercise Science Major with a minor in Nutrition. Bien-Aime is applying all that he is learning. He’d like to become a Personal Trainer and a coach. He’d like to undertake these tasks while being able to run professionally. Coach Don Hood says, “I think he has a confidence that he realizes that it can happen.” In response to Bien-Aime becoming a World Class Runner. Adding that he leads by example, Coach Hood says, “I appreciate that he puts his actions ahead of his words.” Bien-Aime is scheduled to graduate in the spring of 2007. He’s got his work cut out for him, and continues to stay dedicated to it. In closing, when asked if there was anything else he’d like to add about Bien-Aime, Coach Don D. Hood said this “I’d take a whole team of him!”

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