From Mis-Education To Incarceration

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By Brother Bey , Fraternal Order of X-Offenders | September 1, 2010

Fraternal Order of Ex-OffendersEditor’s Note: The West Texas Tribune welcomes Brother Ellsworth Johnson-Bey . Brother Bey is Founder and President of Fraternal Order of Ex-Offenders , Inc. Brother Bey has a wealth of knowledge that is of value to ex-offenders, their families and the general communities regarding strategies to deter, decrease and prevent intergenerational dynamics of adult criminality and child/youth delinquencies. Brother Bey’s organization believes that purpose and passion from all stakeholders who love themselves, family and community can be the fuel that energizes partnerships to resolve social pathologies.From Mis-Education To IncarcerationAmerica leads the world in incarceration rates, homicides and drug consumption, drug dealing and drug related homicides.FOXO’s research indicates that the chances of going to prison is highest among Black males 32.2%, Hispanic males 17.2% and lowest among White males 5.9%. Comparatively the life time chances of going to prison among Black females is 5.6% which is nearly as high as the percentage white males, Hispanic females 2.2% and White female 0.9% who has a extreme lower chances of going to prison.As the data indicates there is an innate Race to incarceration mandate to disproportionally target women and men of African America decent to lead America as the progenitors or creators of Criminality in America.{{more}}The War on Drugs IndustryIs there really a war on drugs or is it truly a war on African Americans and people of color as indicated in the FOXO research data. Most drug offenders are white. Five times as many whites use drugs as Blacks. However, Blacks are the majority of drug offenders sent to prison.When total incarceration rates are estimated separately by age group, Black males in their twenties and thirties are found to have higher rates compared to other races. For example, more than 2 million offenders incarcerated in 2002, estimated 596,400 were Black males between ages 20 and 39. Among the ages of 25-29, 13% of Black males were in prison or fail compared to 4.3% of Hispanics and about 1.6% white males.“State of Race Emergency”“If whites were 13% of the American population, but also were more than 50% of drug arrest nationally, more than 65% of drug convictions and more than 85% of drug prisoners, White America would declare a state of emergency to resolve this America pandemic”.“If whites were 13% of the nation’s population, but 67% of the juveniles in adult’s courts and 77% of the juveniles in adult prisons, white America would declare a state of emergency to resolve this America pandemic”.Who Benefits When We Do NothingHow is it that Black leaders know the problem, talk about the problems, make money off the problem, but they cannot solve or resolve the problems. Our community is our responsibility.Black leadership please help us to try to understand how is it that whites are 77% of marijuana, 77% of cocaine users, 66% crack users, but only 26% of those sentenced for drug use.However, how do we mitigate, alleviate and eradicate the fact that African Americans are 13% of America’s Capitalistic Drug Induced Prison Industrial Complex society, but are more than 40% of those arrested for drug possession, 55% of those convicted and nearly 80% of those sentenced for drug charges.What slavery did not do to the Black family is being completed because of our involvement in self defeating self destructive death, injury, drugs, crime and violent behaviors.Seventy five percent of homicides in America are drug related in Black America via the drug economy.The question is why is there disparity between the legal consequences for drugs use, drug possession and arrest, trial, conviction and sentencing.Where are the Black leadership? We believe that when those who are led, begin to lead, than leaders will follow.The United States now incarcerates between 1.8 and 2 million of its citizens in its prisons and jails on any given day. Additionally, more than 5 million people are currently under the supervision of America’s criminal justice system. The United States incarcerates more people than any other industrialized nation on the planet. The current 2 million prisoners in prisons or jails are ten times larger than the previous prison population which existed in the United States nearly 30 years ago. The question everyone should ask ourselves is who benefits when the Culture of Crime has become a stimulus package for big businesses in the nation?For the most part, America’s prison population is being harvested from our deprivated inner city war zones of urban poverty. These disadvantaged, disengaged, deprivated inner city communities are disproportionately populated by the African American minority who are uninformed, unimportant, unorganized, unemployed, underemployed and who are constantly under seiged by misinformation or no information that would empower them to organize to promote the reality that the greatest capital within a capitalistic society is the unity of human capital .In America when African Americans are only 12 percent of the national population, and according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the African American Community is only 13 percent of the monthly drug users; yet, they are arrested five times as often as whites on drug charges? Once the African Americans are arrested, they are twice as likely to be convicted than their white counterparts. On an average, African Americans are sentenced much longer than the sentence that is received by their white counterparts. In some cities such as Washington, DC and Baltimore, there are more than 56 percent of black men between the ages of 18-35 years old under the watchful eye and control of the criminal justice system. Nearly 80 percent of those being sent to prison around the nation are African Americans or Hispanics. However, statistics indicates to us that these minorities are not committing anywhere near 80 percent of America’s crime. The problem with most of the official records and government statistics regarding who commits crimes are that the statistics on who gets arrested only indicates the police policies that target arresting more African American males and other minority males rather than arresting other ethnic groups who commits crimes equally or more than African American males and other poor minorities. We believe, based upon our personal experiences, that the police are more likely to arrest some people more so than others. These official statistics tells us more about the police policies and philosophies of arresting and charging African American males more so than the perception that African American males commit more crimes than any other ethnic group of juvenile or adult criminals. The question is who benefits when more African Americans are promoted as the progenerators and creators of criminality in America? We also encourage you to call into FOXO radio program on WBOL 1010 AM Radio at 410-481-1010 on Sundays 2-4 pm Eastern Time. The FOXO Breaking the Cycle radio program streaming on the internet, the internet address is and the toll free number is 1-877-704-1010.Orders for DVDs, requests for seminar presentations or training, direct all questions, comments and concerns to:Brother Ellsworth Johnson-BeyFounder/PresidentFraternal Order of X-Offenders, Inc Proper Education Always Corrects Error P.O. Box 2241Baltimore, MD 21202-2241410-262-4456Website: www.foxo.usEmail: