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Frank Jackson Keynote Speaker at Chamber Banquet Hester Woods-Nixon named Outstanding Citizen

By Joe Starkey



The featured speaker dealt with the fact that people’s perceptions have a great effect on their aspirations. He came from a very small town and never realized until he was sent to Prairie View A&M that it was small and that his family had very limited income. He and his two brothers were raised on less than $3,000.00 a year. At Prairie View, he got the money for an education by going to Navy ROTC and then made a 22 year career that saw him promoted to Captain . He is now a well respected Mayor of a large Texas city. He said that he benefited from a decision after the Civil War to “change the culture of the South” and for the Negro the best way to accomplish that goal was education. He got off the farm and into the mainstream of America. Editor’s note: Prairie View A&M is the second oldest Land Grant University in Texas. It was established in 1876 for the express purpose of educating Negros.{{more}}His first story on perceptions and aspirations dealt with “The Eagle and the Chicken.” An eagle fell out of the nest and was taken to the chicken coop to be raised with the chickens. One day his brother happened to fly by and spotted him. After flying down and prying him from the coop, his brother tried to tell him he was one of the rulers of the world. Not so, he said – Look at my ugly feet. His brother told him those are not for scratching but are strong talons for grasping pray. “Look at my ugly beak.” That is the strong tearing Beak of the Predator his brother replied. “If I spread my wings, it scares all of the other chickens.” His brother told him to spread your wings and fly and fly and soar high thru the sky. Thus were his eyes opened to what he really was and he went on to join his brother as one of the rulers of the world.He next dealt with the evil that was put in place when the black people were boxed into the “Separate but Equal” doctrine that created a gap that has never been fixed. Anthropologists have Mayor Frank Jackson makes a point during his speech. Photo by Joe Starkeytraced finds that prove all people came from a small spot in East Africa. This means that race is simply a Political concept that needs to be eliminated. He is dismayed that a culture is coming out of the prison system that twists and degrades a people. “We have to do better – a healthier America is a greater America.” Public policies need to work for everyone and America needs to get rid of the concept of race.On the stubbornness of people to change he told the story of Reverend Duck. The Reverend stood before the congregation and told them that they are all ducks. You have wings and you can fly. Then he stood at the door and watched them all walk home.Floyd Miller, Chamber President said that he believes encouraging more young people to start their own business is a part of the solution to issues Jackson discussed.Mrs. Naomi Banks presented the Citizen of the Year Award to a person active in her church and on many community boards – Mrs. Hester Woods.Floyd Miller ABCC President praised Woods-Nixon for her community involvement and say he looks forward to having her as a Chamber Board member.A great meal was enjoyed by all. Photo by Joe Starkey

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