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Former Dallas Cowboy Drew Pearson Teams Up with Salvation Army

By Janice Coleman



The Salvation Army celebrated a century of service in Abilene on June 26th at the Civic Center by having just a wonderful dinner banquet that included one of the most witty and classy speakers around. Oh, and he played excellent football {{more}} for a number of years also! Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, Drew Pearson, was the speaker for the occasion and he was well worth his invitation. During the evening, Pearson answered questions, made a great speech, and signed autographs for the attendees. When asked about today’s wide receivers, Pearson’s comment was that ‘they had it made’. He stated that he signed with the Cowboys as a free agent after not being picked in the draft and his salary was under $15,000 with a signing bonus of $150.00! How times have changed! Pearson also mentioned the pass that Roger Staubach made to him in the 1975 playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings. With 24 seconds left in the game, he said Staubach said a ‘Hail Mary’, which is how the term became popular in the NFL, and passed the ball down the field where he was able to catch it and go into the end zone to win the game. He also emphasized that if it wasn’t for a play before that, his play may not have been possible, which led to his part of the speech concerning the ‘team concept’. Pearson stated that just like the Cowboys are a team and success depends upon everyone working together, the Salvation Army is a team also. He made comparisons from the board members, to the quarterback and receivers, to fans and cheerleaders, explaining how each has a purpose, but all work together for the team. He stated the Salvation Army works the same way with the board, the volunteers, the sponsors and everyone involved with the agency working together to accomplish a common goal as a team. Pearson knows success since he was a major contributor in the three Super Bowl’s with the Cowboys, winning one of the three. He also was known as ‘Mr. Clutch’ because of the many catches he made in key situations. He was a three time All-Pro and Pro Bowl selection. Pearson also had 489 receptions and 7822 receiving yards with the Cowboys. Pearson retired from the NFL in 1983 and founded Drew Pearson Companies in 1985, but has since sold it. The company was very successful while Pearson owned it. He now hosts the Dallas Cowboys post game show during the season on KLUV. The night came to an end and as they have done in the Abilene community for 100 years, the Salvation Army did a masterful job in putting together a wonderful celebration of service event and invited a multi-talented and the perfect speaker for the occasion, Mr. Drew Pearson. To the Salvation Army– thank you for your service to the community and a job well done!Janice Coleman

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