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By Neil Hall



Alternative/Complimentary approaches to maintaining or improving our health are receiving increased interest from the public for several reasons. Some of them are:1. Public awareness that lifestyle changes can make a vast difference in our health. 2. Media’s news of problems with many medications . Causing doubt in our minds and a desire to find a more effective answer.3. Politics & Bottom Line profits seem to be the guiding force in government and pharmacy companies, not our safety and well being.4. Realization that many recommended surgical procedures and medications are not the safest and most effective way to handle many problems. . There are times when a combination of Medical and Alternative approaches will give better results than either by itself. Let us hope for more integration between our health practitioners. {{more}}5. More awareness that alternative methods often deliver results when all else has failed. Results with less pain, less cost and long lasting improvement.Several places in Abilene can help you with alternative information and/or services:One of these is BOWTECH for Health offering the following services and products:1. Bowtech®/BowenworkTM this is the Original Bowen Technique, a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy, developed in Australia from the work of Tom Bowen. This technique usually results in the relief of many specific injuries and other health problems, both acute and chronic. It does so holistically, by using the body’s innate healing mechanisms. The practitioner delivers signals to the nervous system at specific locations , and the body does the rest.The results have prompted comments such as, “The Bowen technique is possibly the greatest discovery ever in health care”, and these are borne out by the amazing results obtained throughout the world by this non-invasive, all-embracing modality. For more information go to: .2. Iridology – Sclerology Analysis provides a health evaluation of your whole body by analyzing markings in the iris and sclera of the eye. The eye literally becomes the window to the body showing the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals systems.Often weaknesses show up in this analysis before symptoms do, allowing for lifestyle changes or treatments to begin before evident damage is done. This is an important tool in avoiding life- threatening symptoms. A consultation explaining the analysis and suggestions about lifestyle, herbal remedies, supplements and treatments that can help you improve your health is a part of the analysis. In some cases you may be referred for further evaluations that only your Doctor or other specialist can provide.3. Herbs, Supplements, Enzymes plus more are kept in stock for your health and convenience.Several people in Abilene who are involved in Alternative/Complementary Health Methods have indicated an interest in forming a group who would teamwork with one another. This group would reach out to other Healthcare Professionals to promote better understanding and utilization of all our abilities and the resources that we have in the Abilene Area. When this is accomplished it will give all in the Abilene Area a better opportunity to know about the various healthcare opportunities that are available here in Abilene.Neil Hall at Bowtech for Health is offering to be a central point of contact. If you are interested in being a part of or providing information for this kind of healthcare group call 676-9227 between 12:00 – 5:00 Monday thru Friday or leave a message.

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