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Five Ways to Break Out of a Rut

By Statepoint



It happens. You wake up one morning to find your everyday routine has become a rut. And in today’s world marked by financial collapse and increasing instability, more and more people are finding the grooves of their daily lives have become seemingly endless ruts. But with a few helpful tips and a new outlook, people everywhere can bust out of these dreaded traps. “Most people don’t realize how easy it is to replace negative habits with positive ones, and to become unstuck,” says former advertising executive, Myra Janco Daniels, whose role later in life as head of a music and cultural complex helped her get out of her own rut. “After my husband died, I needed something to do. For weeks, I took long walks on the beach, wondering, ‘How can I make my world a better place?’ At first, I didn’t know. Then I got involved with a fund-raising drive to support a local orchestra. It soon grew into an effort to establish an arts center.” In her new book, “Secrets of a Rutbuster,” Daniels draws on her vast professional and life experiences to offer some helpful tips. They include: * Find What You Love and Do It: The only way to realize your true potential is to discover your calling and pursue it passionately. * Get Lost: What better way to recharge your batteries and start fresh than to take a break and let your subconscious mind wander? Getting lost is often the best way of really finding ourselves. * Master the Art of Giving: Whether a kind word or a charitable donation, the long, lost practice of giving creates positive energy that ultimately makes us feel good about ourselves. * Go Back to School: An emerging trend in the midst of the global recession, Daniels calls this “one of the most important qualities of ‘rutbusting.'” * Surround Yourself with Teachers: Let’s face it. You don’t know everything. Acknowledge that by associating with people whose areas of expertise are different from yours. Daniels could certainly be considered among those teachers. Her late husband, Draper Daniels, was the inspiration for “Mad Men’s” Don Draper and she herself was among advertising’s most-accomplished women over three decades. Whatever your personal rut, simply by making some easy changes in your life, you can make it a thing of the past.

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