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First Annual Young Masters Juried Art Exhibition

By Floyd Miller



Thirteen Cooper High School and eleven Abilene High School art students were chosen by a selection committee on Tuesday, January 29, to have their artwork shown in the first annual Abilene Education Foundation Young Masters Juried Art Exhibition. The Abilene High students {{more}} whose work was selected are Mary Catherine Cook, Jennifer Crawford, Alex Dockter, Leah Green, Cassy Hanley, Joshua Jones, Michael Karabegov, Britni Martinez, Kimmy McNiece, Marianna Morrison, and Robin Wadsworth. The Cooper High students whose work was selected are Taryn Arrington, Courtney Baker, Summer Bramlet, Lauren Brown, Michael Chambers, Max Davis, Kelsey Densman, Allyson Garcia, Nöel Kalmus, Javon Lewis,Dylan Paul, Maria Rodriguez, and Kelsey Shaffer. These students’ work will be exhibited April 1 – 10 at the National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature . An awards ceremony will be held on April 8, 5:30-7:00 at the NCCIL. Winners will be announced and scholarships will be awarded to students whose works are selected by Judy Deaton, Curator of Art and Exhibits at the Grace Museum. The Abilene High School students are taught by Jill Maxwell and Gary Brown. The Cooper High School students are taught by Marsha Morgan and Sherry Griffith.

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