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Finding Gifts For Every Person On Your List

By Statepoint



Gift giving is an art. Done well, you can not only see your loved one’s face light up with joy, but you can get through your holiday shopping without overspending. “There are a few tricks to being a good gift giver,” says Catherine Gentile, spokesperson for Bed Bath & Beyond. “First, make a list and note what people like, such as cookware, gadgets, home decor, etc. Then group people with similar interests so that you can shop by department. Lastly, save time by getting all your gifts from one place, whether online or a superstore.” {{more}}Here are some ideas from the gift experts at Bed Bath & Beyond, to delight the special interests of those on your list: * For the Bookworm: If you have an avid reader on your list, it’s a safe assumption that topping their list is an e-reader. This year you can grant that wish and radically change the way they curl up with a good book. For instance, Bed Bath & Beyond offers several options to choose from, including the Pandigital Novel Color eReader that gives your loved ones access to millions of books, newspapers and magazines right at their fingertips. They can also use the color touchscreen to surf the web or borrow a book electronically from the library. * For the Connoisseur: Connoisseurs love gifts that speak to their passions. For example, seasoned wine aficionados will appreciate Skybar’s Wine Preservation and Optimization System. At the press of a button, the sleek unit chills a wine bottle to an ideal serving temperature while an innovative vacuum technology naturally preserves the wine’s flavor for up to 10 days. For burgeoning connoisseurs, consider a smaller-scale gift, such as SkyBar’s Chill Drops, which cool a single glass of wine up to 20 times faster, eliminating ice and excess water in your glass. These novel stainless steel chillers rest in the glass as wine is poured over it and then removed. * For the Family: Sometimes it’s easier to buy one gift for a family instead of individual ones for each member. Good family gifts are gender neutral and enjoyed by all, such as board games, gadgets or cookware. One great family gift is SodaStream’s Genesis Soda Maker, which turns water into soda in seconds. The entire family can have a variety of their favorite regular and diet fizzy flavors on demand, without lugging home and storing lots of different sodas. * For the Multi-taskers: Since you can’t give your most hurried loved ones extra time, give them a gift that will. For example, the Sharper Image Shower Mirror has a fog-free mirror and razor compartment that lets the man-on-the-go save time by shaving in the shower. It also gives him a morning pick-me-up with its wireless and waterproof radio and iPod compatibility. For more gift ideas, visit Remember, don’t just sort your list by naughty and nice; organize it by interests to match gifts to personalities.

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