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February Art Walk

By Joe Starkey



Alzheimer’s – Forgetting Piece by Piece at the Grace Museum through the end of March is a most memorable and moving show that uses quilts to show the pain, progression and loss family members have during the process. It’s one of the few shows I have ever attended that brought many of the viewers to open emotion.Another amazing show at the Grace is an international show organized by George Eastman House and Kodak that looks at the concept of paradise and garden in Picturing Eden thru the photographic lens. This show of over 100 images by 35 international photographers is simply amazing. Do not miss this show if you are interested in either photography or the concept of the Garden of Eden.The Cockerell Gallery has been leased by ACU for a year to enable them to bring in more outside shows and feature more of the art professors. It will also be used as a venue for their students thesis work. Currently in the Gallery is “Palimpest” meaning layers by Robert Green, Kenny Jones and Polly Jones. Hopefully Samantha Manski who has the upstairs show will have recovered from a bout of illness.The Center for Contemporary Arts featured an interesting show based on what was first a mistake in leaving the lens open too long and then evolved into an art form.A fun part of the evening was watching kids dress up in the western clothes at Maloof’s Boot Shop in the Grace and ride the wooden horses.The HeART Gallery is stopping this month at the Contemporary Arts Center Upstairs. This project uses local photographers to create images of children in the region awaiting adoption. They were also making Polaroid images to raise funds over by the waterfall across from the Center. You can visit the Heart Gallery website at to view children looking for that “Forever Home.”

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