Famous or Infamous

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By Floyd Miller | January 1, 2017

The other night as I was watching the news on a local TV station it was announced that out of all of the TV markets in the US, the Abilene, Texas market had the highest percent of people in the US voting for Donald Trump. That makes us number one in the US and possibly the world if we don’t count Russia. {{more}} The real question is, does that make us Famous or Infamous?I think the answer to that question lies in President Elect Trump’s hand. I am reminded of the story of the two boys that caught a bird, they said we will approach the old wise man and ask him if the bird we have is dead or alive. If he says it’s alive we will crush the bird and kill it. If he says it is dead we will let it go free. When they approached the old wise man with the question as to whether the bird was dead or alive, he looked at them and said the answer to that question is in your hand.I hope President Elect – Trump will be a wise man and answer questions appropriately, after all it is in his hands, Famous or Infamous.