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Family Fun: Create and Share Videos Online

By Statepoint



Video isn’t just for videographers anymore. Every day people worldwide are creating and uploading amazing videos to Web sites like, sharing family vacations, weddings, birthdays and other celebrations. Others are creating videos to share their talents, in hopes of becoming the next Internet superstar. And these videos increasingly are getting more sophisticated, complete with exciting soundtrack music and special effects — all generated from home computers, video cameras and even cellphones. If you’re interested in getting in on the action, here are tips to get started: {{more}}Press Record You can use almost any digital recording device to capture video, from phones to Webcams to professional cameras. Quality may vary, but most basic recorders are usually good enough for family celebrations and vacations. Music Matters Music adds another dimension to any video . What most people don’t know is they can’t just use any CD from their shelf or any song they downloaded from iTunes. If you don’t check licensing uses, YouTube will mute music tracks or remove your video if there are questions of copyright infringement. To be on the safe side, buy music from a new service like, which provides access to an extensive catalog of more than 35,000 songs, each of which is 100 percent legal for non-commercial YouTube videos and costs only $1.99. You will receive an official license for every song. Pick Up the Pace Edit videos so they don’t drag. You even can add special effects, graphics and music to keep viewers hooked. Keep in mind, sites like YouTube don’t allow videos longer than 10 minutes. To edit, first save your video on your computer. Then use software, such as Mac’s iMovie, Windows’ MovieMaker or YouTube’s Remixer, for adding titles and effects, eliminating rough patches or adding music. Play Tag Share videos with family and friends by emailing links or showcasing them on your Facebook page. Tag them appropriately to make them easy to find on sites like YouTube . Make it Timeless Add lasting appeal through creative images and music. If you’re creating a video of a family celebration, intercut new footage with old photos or video of previous celebrations. Choose images and songs with special meaning to your family. You can peruse the song library at a site like and search by artist or song title to find the exact version to use to tug at those heartstrings. “YouTube videos are mini-movies, providing emotional experiences that can move viewers to tears, laughter or thoughtfulness, and music helps make them timeless,” says Paul Anthony, founder and CEO of Rumblefish, a music licensing agency providing music to Hollywood studios, game publishers and ad agencies. For more on creating Web videos, visit Above all, be appropriate. The whole world is watching!

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