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Fall Lawn Care Can Set The Stage For Next Season

By Statepoint



With summer and spring often stealing the lawn and garden spotlight, you may be surprised to learn the most important lawn care season is just now upon us. Fall lawn care is critical, as it sets the stage for a healthy, beautiful landscape in the seasons ahead. “After months of damaging summer heat, the landscape needs to be nourished and repaired this fall before another harsh season hits,” said Mark Short, vice president of product development for Agri-Fab, a manufacturer of lawn and garden attachments. “Protecting the lawn in a few easy steps this autumn will pay homeowners dividends in the form of a beautiful, healthy lawn next spring.” No matter the size of the lawn, there are several easy-to-implement maintenance tips to follow this season: * Fertilize: Fertilizing is a must to strengthen the lawn’s root system and store nutrients needed in the harsh winter month’s ahead. It’s all about replenishing the nutrients that were depleted in the summer months. For an even distribution, spreaders offer a quick and convenient fertilizing solution. Spreaders are available for lawns of every size, in both push-behind designs and tow-behind tractor models. Pay special attention to areas that may have been worn down by foot traffic and outdoor entertaining. * Sweep: Homeowners traditionally have suffered tired backs and pulled muscles after hours spent raking leaves or fumbling with leaf blowers. This fall, use a lawn sweeper instead. They provide a convenient way to make short work of leaf and debris removal. Seek sweepers that are designed for any terrain and remove debris in one pass. For instance, Agri-Fab offers both push and tractor-tow-behind models, such as the “SmartSweep,” which is outfitted with rotating brushes that quickly trap leaves and debris in an easy-to-dump, collapsible bag. When selecting a tow-behind sweeper, choose one that collapses to save space and reduce the safety hazards of cluttered garages or sheds. * Dethatch: Thatch is a layer of problem material that hides beneath the lawn between layers of soil. Thatch build-up translates to the spread of pests and disease harmful to the landscape. It also can prevent water and nutrients from reaching the root zone of a lawn. Dethatchers do a gentle, but highly capable, job of bringing matted layers of thatch to the surface for easy removal. * Aerate: Aerating should be done early before fertilizing to improve oxygen circulation, reduce weeds and help absorb fertilizer. Many aerators, including Agri-Fab’s, conveniently attach to the back of a tractor and include aerator knives that effortlessly slice into the soil, saving time and energy. Plus, the company’s latest aerator is part of a one-in-one lawn grooming system that builds in other attachments, such as dethatchers and lawn rollers, for even greater convenience. Aerators like this one can be purchased at a variety of mass and hardware retailers, as well as independent power equipment dealers. * Kill Weeds Now: Perennials like dandelions and others need to be attacked early in fall, before they spread out next spring. Perennials germinate around this time of year and are therefore easier to kill. Choose a broadleaf weed killer and apply it in the fall for a nicer spring lawn. For more fall lawn care tips, educational videos and information on the latest lawn care tools, visit

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