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Fall Festival of Alliance for Women and Children

By Joe Starkey



The witches and goblins were out at the Abilene Alliance for Women and Children to celebrate “Fall Festival”. The longest line was “where else?” at the cotton candy machine even beating out a quad screen Super Mario. Children and even some parents had great costumes on. Madison Wells, age 6 had a great outfit to go with the cotton candy as her smile was great and her bright orange hair went just perfectly with the pink cotton candy.{{more}} Ms Angie Torres and Ms Katherine Byrdill ran the ball pitch and were very generous in handing out candy prizes. Ceriah Rojas made her bag seem like Ms. Angie Torres and Ms Katherine Byrdill running ball toss. Photo by Joe Starkey an alien space ship when she was asked to re-enact a winning toss and instead tossed the bag to my camera. Even the staff got into the action when Mr. Brendon Gurganns, on-site-director for Johnston Elementary tried the bag toss with his feet. Andrew Tom came as himself and is seen posed with his photograph that decorates the hallway.Ceriah Rojas, age 3 with her bag toss appearing to be a flying saucer. Photo by Joe Starkey.All those attending were children in the Alliance for Women and Children after school program and their parents.Andrew Tom, third grade Taylor Elementary posing with his photograph. Photo by Joe Starkey

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