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Faith Works

By Floyd Miller



No, it has nothing to do with sports, but I attended a very inspiring and moving graduation ceremony on Friday, August 24, 2007 for the five summer graduates of the Faith Works of Abilene program under the direction of Mrs. Joyce Dalzell, that was well worth sharing. The five graduates, better known as “I-5”, or the “Intelligent Five”, were {{more}} Lethia Austin, Duane Black, Chelcie Beaver, Jeanette Phariss, and Steve Walker. Duane Black and Chelcie Beaver read their favorite Psalm. Lethia Austin offered student comments about her experience at Faith Works.Certificates were given out by Mr. Darell Martin, Life Skills Educator. Mr. David Wray gave each of the students’ their own personal Bibles from the Highland Church of Christ. At the beginning of the program, Mrs. Joyce Dalzell, better known at Faith Works as ‘Joyful Joyce’, gave a wonderful welcome. After the ceremony, Mrs. Sherry Zonker and the Faith Works staff gave a great reception for the graduates and their friends and families. One of the most inspiring parts of the evening was when former graduates, Isaac Alcantar, Stella Hernandez, and Charla Hammond gave very moving, emotional,as well as motivating speeches about where they were in life before they found Faith Works and the differences in their lives since completing the program. The Mission Statement says, “The Mission of Faith Works is to help the underemployed, through personal, career, academic, and spiritual development, acquire the confidence and skills necessary for gainful employment.” The front of the program for the evening read, “It’s never too late to become what you might have been.” Those two statements basically cover what Faith Works is about. The program is committed to teaching the students to find and keep a job. They are located at 1229 N. Mockingbird, Abilene, Texas. Experience for yourself how Faith Works!

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