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Exhibits at the Grace

By Floyd Miller



John James Audubon said “a true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his father but borrowed from his children.” He was a meticulous observer who often counted the number of feathers on both wing and tail of his specimens. Believing in full use, he offered up his plucked specimens to the cooking pot and concluded his day with notes about their culinary merits or shortcomings. This was a time of the frontier and a poor hunter often starved. Come visit to see really great prints of the wildlife of America. This exhibit is in the main exhibit hall on the ground floor of the Grace.{{more}}Rudy Fernandez, BGC Alumni and radio personality, is a big supporter of BGC. Photo by Floyd MillerThe Wright Gallery on the 3rd floor of the Grace has an exhibition of Ansel Adams album entitled “Yosemite 1938 – On the Trail with Ansel Adams and Georgia O’Keeffe”. These images are the result of a September 1938 pack trip thru Yosemite National Park. Ansel Adams made 3 albums and presented one to each of the other participants who were Georgia O’Keeffe, David McAlpin and Helen and Godfrey Rockefeller. Forty eight images on 42 pages give a clear image of the journey and reveal Adams’ philosophy on art, life and photography. Image entitled “by Lyell Fork” is almost the same as one that I took fifty years later while taking a workshop in Yosemite. I like his better as mine is too wide and in color. Still it’s nice to know that I liked the same scenery as Ansel Adams and was drawn to the same spots even when trying to avoid copying his images.Photo by Joe StarkeyPhoto by Joe Starkey

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