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Eskota Homecoming

By Joe Starkey



Sixty nine years ago, three mothers looked at their town of Eskota and realized that even with World War II ending, the thriving town of several hundred before the war was almost gone. They got out their address books and called relatives for new addresses and sought to have the people who had called Eskota home prior to the war come back for a reunion. That first reunion had several hundred attend. The banner passed down first to their children being “allowed” to help and then to that generation taking over while they enjoyed the talking, food and singing. First we remembered those lost in the war. Then we starting remembering their mothers and now we have remembered almost all of our generation’s mothers. We are starting to list those of my generation in those remembrances and to have the joy of our generation introducing grandchildren.Each first Sunday in October, we meet at the old church grounds in Eskota between Sweetwater and Trent. We start around 10 AM for coffee and conversation and make sure the chairs are up and the music is ready to go and the food starts arriving. A short service of song and message starts at 11 AM. By 11:30, we get down to serious visiting and putting the food out. We wait till 12:30 to start the meal to allow local church members to attend and get out to the reunion. When the food has been enjoyed, we have a short business meeting and then sing until ………. Then everything is put away and the grounds are silent for another year.We have several hand-made wooden pews that we no longer use and are available to interested churches or individuals. Contact Joe Starkey at 325-529-5629 or Elaine Starkey at 325-235-2676.

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