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By Floyd Miller | April 1, 2010

As most of you know the city has been suffering a shortfall in revenue because of a decrease in sales tax revenue. One of the solutions that was suggested by Councilman Willams was to look at Management. There were 61 management positions.Last Friday it was reported on KRBC/KTAB that 2 management positions were eliminated and two people had lost their jobs. Those positions were Assistant Fire Chief Allen Plumee and Assistant City Manager Evalin McClain.On Monday, March 29th, at a press conference, City Manager Larry Gilly announced that the budget was balanced. He also went on to say that Mr. Plumee’s position could not be eliminated unless it was approved by the city council, and that Mr. Plumee had the option to retire or continue to work at a lower rank. I am sorry that Mr. Plumee lost his rank as Asst. Fire Chief; however, I’m glad he had options. I am so. Mr. Plumee has decided to retire. I truly wish him well in his retirement and thank him for his service.{{more}}Mrs. McClain was given no warning and no options. She was told Friday evening that her position had been eliminated. I do not believe this was done in a fair and professional manner. What about some common courtesy? Mrs. McClain was a peer. She was part of the management team. I believe that the City and the Community have lost a talented person who was doing a great job for the City and Abilene Community. I don’t know how Evalin’s job was chosen for elimination. I assume it follows the order of any “sacrifice;” the best is given.Evalin, thanks for the service you gave to Abilene. I know there are many in this city that join me and my family in wishing you the best. When one door closes another one opens with many options