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Election 2020 Observations

By Sherley Spears



Opinion – by Sherley Spears, Editor of The San Angelo Edition

2020 has been very busy and a difficult year to maintain democracy in the United States.  With COVID-19’s threats that the U.S. Postal Service would not be able to properly deliver mail-in ballots, people were concerned whether to risk voting in person or to mail their ballets to the election offices.  Safety measures and COVID-19 concerns weighed on voters.   Many voters simply didn’t know which way to turn. 

Despite the looming voting uncertainties and hardships, ultimately, more than 79 million voters cast their votes in favor of candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris while nearly 74 million voted in favor of Donald Trump and Mike Pence.  Election 2020 saw a huge increase of voter turnout across the country.  Nationwide, registered voters made their preferences known for not only for national candidates, but also for candidates in state and local elections.  

Extended wait periods for counting and re-counting votes followed the actual November 3rd Election Day. Many individuals including the current President continue to hold post-November 3rd tabulating as foundations to imply voter fraud and process irregularities.

President Trump refused to acknowledge the previous tradition of news outlets forecasting election results before states officially certified elections.  Subsequently, voter fraud litigation has been filed in multiple jurisdictions.  As of this writing, several judges have found these lawsuits not to hold merit, but other lawsuits are pending. News outlets have continued – and I suspect will continue – to follow President Trump’s continuing positions about Election 2020’s outcome.

The Constitution-mandated December 14th Electoral College process should provide the defining Election 2020 decision.  With Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ currently recognized lead in the Electoral College count, I expect that team will be sworn-in at the 59th Presidential Inauguration on January 20, 2021.

On a local basis, there no concern was raised about the integrity of the votes or the election process.  Three candidates from San Angelo sought the 11th Congressional Seat being vacated by retiring Congressman Mike Conaway.  Of the three candidates –   August Pfluger (R), Jon Mark Hogg (D) and Wacy Cody (L) – Pfluger easily took the lead in this race and was proclaimed the winner.

The Texas U.S. Senate race was between incumbent John Cornyn (R) and M. J. Hegar (D).  Cornyn will return to the Senate after defeating Ms. Hegar, a Purple Heart Veteran.

In the end, democracy will prevail on and eventually we will witness fairness, equity and civility in our government at all levels.

You can review the state-wide and district-wide voting statistics at

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