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“Eatin’ Out” August 2007

By Floyd Miller



This is a new feature for the West Texas Tribune. One of the places to “eat out” in Abilene will be featured. Kind of a hit or miss, it will feature one meal at the expense of the West Texas Tribune without notice to the restaurant. {{more}}This month features breakfast at the Dixie Pig. I came in about 8 AM and ordered ham, eggs and hash browns. It’s well known to my wife and mother that Joe is really picky about his eggs and hash browns. In fact – they have not cooked breakfast for me for about 30 years and make me do it myself. The Dixie Pig could well change that. My Hash browns were done just as I requested. My neighbor’s hash browns were much less brown and crispy and he stated that “this is exactly how I like them.” The eggs were perfect and the hot tea was delicious. The service was prompt and personal despite the fact that all the booths were full and most of the counter where I ate was full.The Dixie Pig has my recommendation for Breakfast. They are only open from 6 AM to 2 PM and do NOT take credit cards. Enjoy.

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