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Dr. Joseph Williams

By Anynmous



Dr. Joseph Williams a native son of Abilene, was back in town to launch his new book, Who Do You see in the Mirror? Dr. Williams started out by asking the crowd how they would describe behavior in our society today. Most people said we are a society that is out of control. Dr. Williams said 6.8B people in the world will be influenced by two types of behavior, one is doing what is right, and the other is doing what is wrong. He said that you cannot do right and wrong at the same time. He went on to state that it is human behavior that gets us into trouble. For example, he said a gun has never walked into a building and killed a person. He said a non-human object cannot kill but we must deal with the behavior of that human when they carry a gun. He also said that there are five elements that make up human behavior and there comes the acronym, The Human Cable. 1. Consequences 2. Attitude. 3. Behavior. 4. Learning. 5. Environment. He said to be successful all of these must be wired in a positive manner, partial re-wiring will not work. For example, we cannot have a good attitude and bad behavior. That will not work. Dr. Williams speech was well received by the Abilene Kiwanis Club.

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