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Doris Robinson Knows Banking

By Joe Starkey



Mrs. Doris Robinson has accomplished more than many men in a business that promotes men faster and higher. She is now the Assistant Banking Center Manager for the Abilene Bank of America. She first started working for Timex but when they closed that organization down locally, she went to work first for 1st State Bank which became Bank of America. She began work in the proof department which runs all of the processes of the bank such as processing checks and all other transactions. She moved up thru “Every department in the bank”. She became certified as a “Professional Teller” which means she could do every job related to being a teller and teach and supervise others. As she put it “you have to know the job from A to Z.” She won awards as the Top Professional Teller for both 2003 and 2004 and was the supervising teller prior to being promoted to Assistant Banking Center in 2005. She is currently in {{more}} charge of all the operational side of the banking center.Mrs. Robinson was a very busy person during our interview. A few times she had to supervise a transaction, help someone in the safe deposit area and take care of several other customer service functions. She was filling in for some of her staff who was on Christmas vacation.I asked her what advice would she give someone that wanted to succeed in the banking business . Mrs. Robinson said. “ Her comments not only applied to banking but life in general.”Think Positive – believe in yourself and your choicesFocus on your dreams – know what they are and the training and career progression it will take to get thereStay in Focus – be steadfast and grounded in what you do.Mrs. Robinson has done well for herself and the Banking Community by staying focused and positive. Mrs. Robinson has developed many loyal customers for the bank and many friends for herself.

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