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Don’t Overlook Your Lawn And Garden This Fall

By Statepoint



Just because the weather is cooler doesn’t mean you should pack away your lawn and garden tools. The fall is a crucial time for aerating, seeding, pruning and other activities to get your lawn, trees and garden ready for next spring and summer. But nobody wants to waste whole weekends doing yard work. Fortunately, there are several ways homeowners can save time preparing their greenery and gardens for the coming seasons. {{more}}Trees and Hedges Although garden shears are fine for light pruning or trimming hedges, heavier work such as storm cleanup often requires a chainsaw. Cutting dead or weakened branches will keep them from falling and damaging your — or your neighbor’s — property. When using a chainsaw for yard work, make sure the chain is sharp. Normal cutting will dull saw chain, but contact with rocks and even dirt can quickly take the edge off — making common tasks more difficult and time-consuming. The thought of sharpening saw chains can be intimidating for many homeowners, but this doesn’t have to be the case thanks to new technology. PowerSharp, a new product from Oregon brand outdoor power equipment, is a portable sharpening system that enables even occasional chainsaw users to sharpen chain on their saw in seconds. It comes with a chain, guide bar and bar-mount sharpener that clips easily to the nose of the bar. To see how it works, visit Fallen Leaves When raking fallen leaves, opt for a lightweight plastic rake, which glides more easily on grass than metal ones. Also, an open tarp for collecting leaves works better than dragging plastic bags across the yard. Fallen leaves in gutters are a particular autumn nuisance. To save time, try using a gutter rake to clear debris in both directions without having to move your ladder. Or use gutter tongs, which work like salad tongs to collect leaves quickly. Grass and Soil During the summer months, your lawn is subject to more traffic and wear. To help guard against dead patches come spring, aerate and re-seed your lawn now. Waiting until spring means you won’t have a fully green lawn until early summer. Small lawns can benefit from hand-powered aerators, but large ones may need one that attaches to the back of a riding mower. Either way, make sure the spikes are hollow so soil is removed, not just compressed further. To learn about lawn accessories that make quick work out of boring chores, check out Lastly, recruit friends and family to help. Company will make chores go faster and you’ll have people to admire your work with you.

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