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By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd



Why have women waited to come out of the closet more till now because of the many NFL recent media scenarios? Abuse is usually all about control, and until women follow through with filing charges after a police report is made and also get help from a domestic violence shelter, the cycle will never be broken. They are in fear of their abusers, and most of the time they cannot break loose from the awful cycle. Domestic violence has recently been more in the public eye after a graphic video was televised showing Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice knocking his future former fiancée Janie Palmer, unconscious in a casino elevator, according to National AP writer David Crary in his September 24 article, Domestic Violence; The Dramatic Decline in Domestic Violence in the 1990’s. The article reports that after eight days when the video was shown, the National Domestic Violence Hotline could barely handle the 8,500 calls that came afterwards. Amid allegations involving several NFL players, domestic violence has been the focus of intense national attention. The article reported that The Domestic Violence Act Against Women was passed in 1994 to toughened penalties for offenders. It also expanded training for law Enforcement and improved services for victims. There are many reasons why women do not report or leave their abuser. Fear of what the abuser is capable of doing is the number one motivation that most often keeps a woman from leaving an unhealthy relationship or marriage. Another reason might be that she really loves him. A woman might also stay for them so not to split the family apart. The offender in the meantime continues to abuse as the children are witnesses and also getting affected by the violence. It is not okay to be beaten and abused. The abuser can be anyone, from the celebrities to the NFL players. When they get found out is when they can finally find a way to get help for their abuse, and not deny or blame others like even the victim at times. Children also do not deserve to witness nor be part of the unhealthy relationship. There is counseling available at the domestic violence shelters, and women should also follow through and file a restraint order whether or not they decide to stay in a place that offers protection.

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