Doing Things the Cheap Way

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By Don Swinney | January 1, 2014

“Good things are never cheap. Cheap things are never good.” I would like to know who coined that statement. Theoretically I agree with it, practically I don’t practice it. Anytime the word “never” is used, it triggers an effort to show how many exceptions you can find to it. I know of no one that is so wealthy that he does not need to consider costs; does not need to economize. After all, it does not matter how much money you have coming in, if you have more going out then coming in, you’re doomed to failure. One of the most common questions businessmen ask: “How’s business?” A more pertinent question would be: “Are you making any money?” Now that might be in the “That’s none of your business” category, but most of the people I ask that recognize I’ve been down that road myself. Most of the time it brings a chuckle that says, “I see you’ve been down that road yourself.”{{more}}We lived in the nicest area of town in another town. A friend across the street told me, “Everything I’ve ever done, I’ve had to poor-boy it.” He had lived in this area long before I did. He lived in a beautiful house, a swimming pool in the back a beautifully landscaped yard. He owned one of the oldest businesses in town. And yet he could make a statement like this. I now know what he meant.I’m now in the process of having my car fixed after a little collision I had recently. I’ve let it go for months, thinking I could find someone to do it cheaper. Well, I found him, but had I done it “right” they would have provided me a rental car while mine was being repaired. I must now fend for myself during this time. But it was cheaper! Less than what my insurance paid, minus the deductible, yea me!It gets kind of weary doing things the cheap way, but there’s also a feeling of reward when you find a bargain. Recently, a grandson got married. Occasions like this call for a new dress. My wife found one she really liked at a store but she didn’t like the price. She then went to store “y” and found the identical dress for one-third the price. When she got to the wedding the other grandmother had on the same dress. “I’ll bet she didn’t get if for what I did,” she said smugly.