By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd | March 1, 2014

It happened during his childhood yearswhen he recognized the world different in his eyes as he painteda picture of mountainous rocks.A perspective he learned while growing up with a hard alcoholic mother Shades of gray liquor bottlesoutlined on a shelf of hard knocks.Victimizing other women becamethe name of hisadult game an only son and outnumbered by the women in his life,An anger built up in him despised them all withoutno shame. Possessingan attitude using others to get what he wants. A misunderstanding of a separationthat led to divorce of his belovedones during an early stage in life, the bitterness grew slowly into weeds.She used whatever was in sight to pitch at him, while heavilyintoxicated; At times her shoes were the closest as sheplanted her seeds. Her seeds of hate that plantedin him creating the monsterof today He sadly became an attention deficitchild lacking loveTemper tantrums at an early age of ten did not help them to stay A never ending past of blaming that he uses to blame the innocentusing others and stopping at nothing withoutremorse. No healingwill take place till he breaks the cycle of abuse…repents accepting reality While those he has used …sadly keep paying the price for his unresolved past.He is disengaged from reality and in denial till he decides to melt his heart of ice.02/24/2014