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Deydra Stevenson Williams Retires from City Municipal Court

By Joe Starkey



Deydra Stevenson Williams worked for the City of Abilene for 27 years in the Municipal Court as a Court Administrator and retired on April 28, 2006. She stated that she will miss all of the people there, but not the work! Most of all, she appreciated the opportunities she was given in this organization {{more}} that were denied to friends who had their careers in other organizations. Hoping that the first gift was not a bomb as she could hear it ticking – she opened a clock that would enable her to know when it was time NOT to go to work. Other gifts included hints to husband, Robert on how to spend her time but he replied that she had already prepared a number of tasks to be done. Councilman Anthony Williams sent a representative to wish her well as he was on his way to San Antonio and could not be present. Mrs. Williams said she would not reveal her age, but she remembered Councilman Williams as “a little boy”. David Wright, Court Finance Director, remembered Mrs. Williams’ “dedication to doing the best she could and her true heart that was dedicated to this department.”

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