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Deion Sanders a fan of the Boy and Girls Club

By Floyd Miller



Former NFL star, Deion Sanders, was in Abilene on August 5th as a part of the Boys and Girls Club’s 50th Anniversarybanquet in Abilene. Sanders spent his time during the day with the children at the Boys and Girls Club and spent the evening speaking to the Abilene community at a banquet celebrating the 50 years of service to the Abilene community. {{more}}Sanders told the audience about a ‘friend’ of his and about a childhood that consisted of playing basketball at the Boys and Girls Club. He stated this ‘friend’ had his first fight and his first dunk at the Boys and Girls Club. Sanders later revealed that the friend he spoke about was himself and told about his alcoholic stepfather and how his mother worked long hours to raise them, which left him to care for himself, as well as his sister. Later, Sanders mentioned wanting to be in a position to make sure his mother didn’t have to work anymore. Sanders developed into a multi-talented, multi-sport athlete who went on to play professional sports as a Major League Baseball player as well as a National Football League player. Sanders is the only professional player to hit a home run and score a touchdown in the same week. Though a major accomplishment, Sanders stated he wants to play down statistics such as this one because of other things, such as being a team player and part of a team, are more important. Sanders fielded questions from the audience. One question had to do with his daughter’s boyfriends. Sanders answered that yes, he is still running off his daughter’s boyfriends and stated ‘she doesn’t think right’. He also stated that he and his son race once a year and also that kids come to his house with his children to get a look at he and his family and the house. He stated one came to study and had a backpack. Sanders stated the backpack was empty!During his talk, Sanders stated that if it wasn’t for God, he would have nothing. He told about having the $10,000 bed and not being able to sleep, having the 15,000 square foot home, but never at home, and having 10 cars in the driveway, but not going anywhere. He told the children to look at the people who talk to them, spend time with them, take care of them daily, etc. as the people who they should look up to as role models, not celebrities or celebrity athletes. Sanders mentioned more than once that he is not a speaker, but managed to get some very important points about the meaning of happiness and success across to the audience during his talk and the question and answer session. Then the night ended and another former Dallas Cowboy has a positive impact on the Abilene community and the Abilene Boys and Girls Club celebrates 50 years of service! Thank you for your service to the Abilene community and thanks to Deion Sanders for sharing his story as well!

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