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Daughter Influenced By Her Father

By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd



Whether it was CSI, which Rachel Victorian, 16, has enjoyed watching over the years, or her father who has earned many medals, her mind is made up to pursue a career with the Federal Bureau of Investigations. She is considering attending the University of Houston or Southern Methodist University in Dallas after graduating from high school.{{more}} Her preparation for her future entails a couple of important classes that will help her get accepted into a university. “I am taking Speech & Debate class to help practice speaking in public. I am also acting in oral interpretation.” said Victorian. Another beneficial class that she is enrolled in is Criminal Justice with a program called Skills USA that offers students an opportunity to get hand’s on experience in their field choice. According to the Skills USA Champions Fall 2009 magazine, participating in the program or taking a skill connect assessment in a technical area, can help students improve their skills and it can be documented to help them get a good job in their chosen field. It offers many opportunities for student to set short and long – term goals and create their own paths, including the Professional Development Program. It encourages young people to seek out mentors and shares how important it is to surround oneself with people that can be the most positive tools. The magazine also encourages young people that are in the Skills USA program to create a meaningful relationship, with someone like an instructor, that will help them succeed with their personal and professional goals, Recently, Victorian traveled with her class to Corpus Christi, Texas to compete with other students in her Criminal Justice class that are in the program. “We do a crime scene investigation and or suicide and write a report over the case and present it to a panel of judges.” The investigations are like mock court cases giving students practice. By the time Victorian is ready to go to college, she will have many academic experiences, including the Skills USA program, to include in her resume. She has a lot to be proud of and so do her parents, who helped mold her talents and raised her in a Godly home. Victorian has an exciting future that she can look forward to thanks to the close bond she has with her family.

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