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Da’Cipher 360◦ To Aid the Misguided, Young Age-Groups

By Robert Lilly



I want to see our community change for the better. The only way that change can come about is if we see to it. We cannot wait for someone else to come into our communities to do it for us. We have too much at stake. It has been said that if we fail to plan then we plan to fail. If we fail to set out a plan we will be at risk of putting in motion the forces that will unleash havoc for the next generations to come. There are events unfolding that will have devastating consequences for our children’s futures . And who will be at fault if we don’t act now to secure their welfare for tomorrow? We will be to blame. {{more}} Perhaps you may say that I am preaching doom and gloom, quite the contrary, I am not a pessimist. I am, in fact, the opposite. I believe that the course we are on is not predestined; we can alter it if we but will to do the grunt work. Have you not looked around and seen what is right before your eyes? We have boys wasting away in our public schools; schools that have become a pipeline for the penitentiary. We send these youth into a hostile environment only to be devoured by the wolves. These wolves are apathetic or disengaged teachers, misguided and gullible peers, and a curriculum that does not take into account the historical nature of our sojourn in America. Our girls are no better off; they are prone to the wiles of lascivious boys inspired by the messages that come to them through television. TV sets we leave on to watch our children while we concern ourselves with more important matters. Our girls have no reinforcement. They roam the malls looking for validation in a mirror or in a hundred stares from a hundred hungry eyes; approval that should be coming from their father’s. We have set them up for failure by not investing in them. Children are like plants they need to be nurtured, set out in the sunlight and watered with love. Why do we think it is enough to send them to Bible class on Sunday and then not speak another word directly about faith until the following week? This is lunacy! You may be asking, what is the plan? My plan is to continue to call people out to Da’Cipher Youth Support Ministries. This is my contribution to our future, and the future of our children here in Abilene, Texas. Da’Cipher is a concept that draws directly from my own chaotic childhood experience. Da’Cipher is a play on the words ‘the circle’ or Da’Cipher, 360◦ which represents a complete cycle of knowledge and wisdom for life. We always sit in circle. We believe that the circle is our coming forth from the cradle to our ending up in the grave. We begin dependent and we end the same. However, as we evolve throughout the years we live we also revolve around other people. We are interconnected to one another in a circuitous fashion within a divine pattern akin to a ring. Da’Cipher meets every Monday evening at 6:30pm-9:00pm @ the G.V. Daniels recreation center 541 N. 8th Street -676-6443. We started about two years ago to gather

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