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Crystal Flame Candle Company

By Floyd Miller



The smells of the candles meet you as you walk in the door at 589 Pine street. The store started after Belen Pacheco moved to Abilene from New Mexico and met Glenda Farmer. Ms. Farmer asked her if she wanted to be her own boss. The answer was yes and Ms. Farmer started the process of teaching her to create beautiful, great smelling candles. Every candle in the shop is handmade as are the specialty baskets. The shop carries its own candles¸ jar candles, melting beads, and other candle and basket making supplies.{{more}}They also make Potpouri Pies and I asked Ms Belen if they were biased towards University of Texas as three of the baskets had a UT theme of orange and longhorns but no other Texas schools were represented with a basket. She said that would soon be remedied.UT Potpourri Pie. Photo by Joe StarkeyThe shop also helps organizations with fund raisers and can hold “candle parties” at the shop and peoples’ homes. They are open Tuesday – Friday 10 AM to 6 PM and Saturday 10 AM to 2 PM.Ice Cream Candle. Photo by Joe Starkey

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