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Couple Receives 2007 Morlan Award

By Floyd Miller



Moses and Earlene Hall, longtime educators were honored with The Morlan Award at the Morlan Award Dinner, March 23, 2007. The award is given to an outstanding alumnus of ACU’s Department of Education. The Halls made history by being co-recipients. This is the first time in the 35 year history of the award that this has happened. In presenting the award, Dr. Dana Hood, Chair of the Department of Curriculum & Instruction said, “Moses and Earlene Hall embody the mission of our department. They have often gone above and beyond professional expectations to reach out to a child in need, and their influence will long outlive them”. Moses Hall Jr., principal at Reagan Elementary School, and his wife Earlene Hall, counselor at Jane Long Elementary School, have influenced the lives of many students, teachers and pre-service teachers in the Abilene Independent School District. Moses was raised in Chicago, Ill., and attended Southwestern Christian College for two years before enrolling at ACU in 1973 to major in religious education. He later earned a second bachelor’s degree in reading and English. Moses began {{more}} his education career teaching reading at Franklin Middle School in Abilene for four years before moving to the high school level, where he spent 10 years teaching English. He earned his master’s degree at ACU in 1999, and since then he has served as a principal at the high school, middle school and elementary school levels. He has been principal at Reagan Elementary School since 2004. Moses in accepting the award spoke about people who helped him. He said that he was not expecting an award. He said this award was about people that had helped him on his journey. Moses did a roll call that involved 30 plus individuals that has been an influence in his life. Earlene Hall came to ACU in 1972 from Lovington, N.M., entering as a business ##M: Read More ## administration major. After spending time rearing children and working in the business field, she returned to ACU and completed her undergraduate degree in education in 1992. She taught fourth grade at Reagan Elementary School and then moved to the middle school level as a reading teacher. Earlene later earned her master’s degree in school counseling in 1997 from ACU and has worked as a counselor since 1999 in elementary, intermediate and high school. She has been the counselor at Jane Long Elementary School since 2004. The Halls were married in 1974, and they have two children and two grandchildren. Earlene said, “This is an exciting time for the Hall’s. I want to thank my husband Moses for leading our family into a world of service, in education”. She also said that “you have to love all people, no matter where they come from”. She paid tribute to her mother, friends, her children, and others that helped her. The Lucy Hatch Mentor Award, which is given to an individual in a public or private school, who has provided exceptional mentoring to prospective teachers was also presented at the dinner. The 2007 recipient was Karri Leong, principal of Jane Long Elementary School.

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