Core Relationship Between the Psychology and Sociology of Criminality Permeated by Poverty

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By Brother Bey , Fraternal Order of X-Offenders | April 1, 2009

Definitions:Economics: Social Economics, Political Economics, Finance/Wealth: Poverty: Adversity, Impoverishment, Indigence, Destitution, Distress, NeedFOXO Note: Purpose for defining the words economics and poverty per say, is to characterize, distinguish, differentiate and interpret the words without ambiguity .The Economics of Poverty Objectives are to educate the public about the core relationship between poverty and criminal behavior.IntroductionDuring the eighteenth century, the use of corporal punishment began to declineas the use of imprisonment began to rise. The spirit of humanitarism that evolved through out the enlightenment period, caused people to reject the inhumanity and criminal manner in which prisoners were treated. Historically, the criminal justice system was created as a form of social control, a method for controlling deviant behavior expressed through unlawful acts conflicting with societal norms, mores and folkways . History indicates that John Howard was a leading advocate of prison reforms who supposedly was credit with the beginning of the penitentiary system. Prison evolutionGo to for the rest of the story