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Conseil International du Sport Militaire Continental Championship

By Joe Starkey



World class military athletes from North and South America gathered at Dyess AFB the week of 19-27 February to compete in the Continental Soccer Championship. The games were played at Shotwell Stadium courtesy of Mayor Norm Archibald and AISD and were free to the public. The many of you who missed the tournament missed seeing amazing soccer. No blowouts and a very high level of sportsmanship marked the tournament. {{more}}Brazil defeated Barbados 3-0 in the championship but much of the game was played with Barbados in the Brazil half of the field. Anyone who ever dreamed of playing goalie should have been there to watch the Brazilian goalie direct the defense and make really spectacular saves.After both finishing 2-1-1, the USA defeated Suriname 2-1 in a morning game for third place.Five teams, three languages, an intense desire to excel seldom makes for a tournament with good sportsmanship. This was the exception. When the Brazil goalie went down with a leg cramp – the first person there was a USA player who expertly got him back in the game. He went on to make two of the best saves I ever hoped not to see. The players enjoyed many activities while here including a trip to historic Buffalo Gap and lunch at Perini Ranch Steakhouse. They also visited Frontier Texas and the Mall of Abilene.

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