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By Jack Walker



By: Jack Walker

ATLANTA– Following a 13-3 triumph over the L.A. Rams Sunday night, February 3rd inside Mercedez-Benz Stadium, Tom Brady was illuminated by his grip on the glossy glimmerof the seven pound silver Lombardi Trophy punctuating his sixth Super Bowl title and a stellar – and still active – career as perhaps the greatest player in NFL history.

Arguably even the greatest to grace the gridiron; the New England quarterback reflected on how prolific the parameters provide for in terms of title. Following a 13-3 triumph over the NFC champion Los Angeles Rams. NFL greats, experts and color analysts nationwide echoed G.O.A.T. past two decades. With Brady at the helm, the Patriots have laid claim to world championship in one third of the total competition since 2001.

Brady now boasts status as the only backfield boss to ever accumulate world championship wins as a player.

Although Sunday’s final showdown slotted the veteran QB just over 250 passing yards no scores and an interception. Opposing signal-caller Jared Goff edged Brady’s production by margins so minimal not even worth mentioning.

The contest was the lowest scoring in both point and punts and saw little noise prior to a red-zone dash for a touchdown by Sonny Michel with just seven minutes left to play in the 3rd quarter. 

AFC Conference kings New England bends again below the best record in the NFL all together. The contest mirrors decade old title game between the same two squads minus the Mid West representation.

In the game that would spearhead the New England Dynasty’s manifestation over the next several years, irony would tug at the hearts of hero-needy New England and a field goal that sailed through successfully as time expired. (Deion Branch would also amass 140 yards receiving to standardize the wide-outs bar.)  

The majority of the Brady benefits were bestowed on former college quarterback turned wide-out Julian Edleman, who rumbled for a Superbowl MVP award and 10 catches, 10 yards shy of 150 yards receiving. Edelman suffered an ACL tear in the 2017 season – the first since the title shot spot wasn’t seen.

As for the juggernaut gunslinger under center that’s monopolized the accolades of the League over the course of the past decades Brady prefers no specifics that resonate with glamour and glory but instead daring discouragement.

“Tell me I’m trash” Brady fires up. “I wanna hear them say I’m too old and I’m not good enough”, Brady says. “Tell them so I can prove them wrong.”

Passing Stats

Tom Brady: 21-of-35, 262 yards, one interception

Jared Goff: 19-of-38, 229 yards, one interception

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