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City Boards Hold Open House

By Joe Starkey



Many of the boards that run the City of Abilene held an open house at the Rose Park Senior Center to inform {{more}} citizens of the many means of assistance available. There was a sign up for the Overview of City Government class that will be held September 15th, 2006 from 1 to 7 PM. Sign up is also available at the city web site starting in June. The Building Inspection Division was there to explain their many boards and the standards for getting a building or project inspected. They had handouts with Frequently Asked Questions and inspectors on hand to answer specific technical questions. Abilene-Taylor County Public Health Advisory Board was there to answer questions about the varied programs they provide which include immunizations, public health emergency preparedness, WIC, family planning, tuberculosis and health and nursing programs. The Housing Authority of the City of Abilene was there with brochures on both a guide for Landlords and Resident’s Rights. The Planning and Zoning Commission was there not only to explain what they do but to recruit citizens to serve on the commission. They announced that bids would soon be let for a bike path from the vicinity of ACU to Highway 80. They also mentioned that the new Environmental Enforcement officer, Mr. Rene Weems had been hired and starts in April. He is a licensed peace officer and can perform arrests as well as issue warrents. City Link gave out schedules for service thru out the city and information on how to gain access to the City Link Van Service for those mobility impaired persons needing door-to-door transit service. Abilene Civic Center was there to tell you everything you need to know to rent the Civic Center or any of it’s spaces or services and also had a great booklet on “The Art of Planning a Great Event” that applies to many spaces and events. The Abilene/Taylor County Child Advocacy Center and Noah Project were there to inform people of their services and the opportunities for citizens to volunteer to help in these very worthwhile projects. And lastly was the booth that gave this reporter a package of Bluebonnet Seeds which is just what he needed to get back into the swing of Spring. Images bob Maniss, Board member, Airport development board and Asst Director of Airport, Don Green discuss land around the airport.

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