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City Bike Race Stopped By Lightning

By Joe Starkey



The 14th Annual “Bike N Steam” race was called off just before start time due to large amounts of lightning and some flooded crossings on the route. Over 100 of the {{more}}140 pre-registered riders had already picked up their race packets and many still wanted to race but the danger was too great. Ricky Kyker of Abilene had ridden to the start of the race on his recumbent bicycle, a customized “Vision”. After the cancellation he rode a little over 23 miles in the rain and admitted that even with a windscreen and helmet with visor that it was really hard to see when going against the wind into the rain. However, he said it was great coming back as he hit 30 MPH going downwind. He started riding in 1990 to get in shape and started riding a recumbent in 2000. Asked about the difficulty of riding the low slung bike – he stated his major problem is people in cars wanting to stop on the highway and talk to him or drive next to him at 20 MPH while others are zooming by at 70 MPH. He will be participating in the Bike Tour of Colorado June 25th to 1 July this summer. The race will not be rescheduled due to manpower requirements. All registrants for this year will receive a discount coupon for next year.

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