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Christmas Miracles

By Floyd Miller



“If you folks don’t shoot; we won’t either.”By: Jack Walker It was a considerably charming proposition if there was one to linger long enough in the raw December air of 1914. The Atmosphere’s description not only nippy because of the ever- anticipated wintry discomfort that the season accommodated but more so the devastatingly painful and percolating fury along the Western Fronts. Animosity was nowhere near the stages of precipitation for the French, British and Belgian soldiers and their German enemies. In fact this was just the beginning of a cold storm that would claim over 15 Million casualties by the time its bitterness manifested at pinnacles levels to be the glacial blizzard that was World War I.However frosty and debatable the reminiscence of phenomena allows for it is heartwarmingly clear for anyone seeking proof in the legend of Christmas miracles that indeed despite even thick in the most treacherous drifts of calamity, holiday cheer can indeed prevail.So, as the story continues- shortly after the bullet-free bargain was offered up around the 24th of December 103 years ago, the cease-fire came into effect spearheaded by the resounding peace of optimistic-minded Christmas carolers who began to sing so endearingly that even camouflage came to be seen side by side on the ground between opposing trenches.Although many different accounts are proclaim able to provide historians no collective agreement towards exactly what went down to move hardened fighters to mingle and exchange small souvenirs of sorts in ‘no man’s land’ in the initial month’s of one of the most brutal resonances in the history of the human existence, clarity of the event is secure within the echoes of hope proven to be strong enough a century and then some –couldn’t shake it off.Granted the hostilities resumed within a matter of days, and some say the conflict never heard nor recognized such fictitious ‘festive magic’ as this Christmas entente, the Truce of 1914 serves far greater purpose than a dismissal of folklore.It would be difficult to write off nearly- what was estimated to be- 100,000 warriors -at the time- or two-thirds of the ‘Great Wars’ participants as dreamers that all got caught up in the same product of a gifted story-tellers beyond captivating imagination… at the same time.Given that reasoning- the most sincere examination in relation to an occurrence recalled for widespread honor and human recognition of soul vs. sole might be the reason for the examination itself.When the Christmas spirit often lost as an afterthought in a world where peace is so seemingly transitory and hope is invested in expectation of a visible experience rather than the conviction in that of thethings unseen- there still remains great power in the reflection of events like 1914′ Yule-tide armistice, regardless if it’s respite is found to be made of rumors or realities.Perhaps TIME, ironically summarizes the resonance of the 1914 Truce greater than any other, as a testament to the power of hope and humanity in a truly dark hour of history.As for a fitting end for this -re-telling of the facts or fiction surrounding the celebrated spectacle-just remember how the story really started-in an unlit gutter where a song was heard on a Silent Night.

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