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By Frances Gonzalez



Christmas stockings were hung by a beautiful decorated tree waiting for the presents to be opened. Cocoa was served with snacks as we would sit in front of the TV watching the Christmas shows. It was also a family tradition to attend Christmas midnight mass at the Catholic Church we attended. Christ’s birthday was the important reason for the season and as a family we would celebrate it together at this church service.{{more}} Singing Christmas carols at school and church was most fun, and getting prepared was the most fun. Visits to the public library, for me, were the best since that was my second home away from home as a child. Picking out the arts and crafts books during the holidays was so exciting, and also recipe books. I loved to make homemade gifts at times, and mostly I enjoyed baking different kinds of cookies to put in tins and give to family. Around the holidays when the cold came around, I discovered another hobby which was knitting and crocheting. It was much fun to be able to take home books to read and make different gifts. We would open our gifts, one on Christmas Eve, and the rest the next morning. It was so much fun baking and being in the Christmas spirit. We were family with a purpose, that were there for each other, and when we were young Mom and Dad made sure that we were involved in the holiday. On a certain night we would all go in the car and drive through the prettiest decorated neighborhood lit up with lights and angels. We were a family who together mattered to our parents. Christmas brought about joy and goodwill to us children and those around us who we gave good cheer too. My family took Christmas seriously because it is an important day, and we children mattered to my parents who made the best at the holiday.

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