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Christine Jones Retires

By Joe Starkey



Mrs. Christine Jones retired from the Betty Hardwick Center and is moving to Austin, Tx to be near family. Asked for highpoints of her career, she simply replied “the people I worked with and the mission we had.” A little known {{more}} fact about this kind and gentle lady was given by a co-worker who told the tale that one of Mrs. Jones neighbors called at 4:30 AM to complain about her dog barking. Assuring him that she was concerned, she got his name and number. She then called him back at 4:30 the next morning to politely tell him that she did not own a dog! An interesting version of “Deal – NO Deal” was played by Mrs. Jones. When she selected a numbered folder, No Deal meant a photograph from her past was shown to the crowd and when it was “Deal”, she received money in amounts from $30.00 to $100.00. Her time with this reporter was very short due to all of the well wishers so she sent the following information about her tenure at Betty Hardwick Center. “In 1982, I started my employment at the Betty Hardwick Center as a Clerk for the Advancing Babies Chances Program. I was promoted to several positions over the years: Office Service Supervisor, Human Resources Assistant, Human Resources Officer, and my last position as Director of Human Resources. I completed my education by attending college part-time at Abilene Christian University and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Organization and Human Resources Development. I am currently preparing for my Senior Professional Human Resources Certification. The Betty Hardwick Center has been extremely gracious to me over the years, and they have been like a family to me. I have grown professionally and personally during my tenure at the Betty Hardwick Center. My children grew up together with several other close employee families throughout the years, and my husband was also employed with the Center for over ten years. The Center will celebrate 35 years of service to this community in July 2006, and has provided services to over 35,000 individuals. I have been privileged to work at the Betty Hardwick Center, and it will be hard to find another organization to work for such as this one.” The Betty Hardwick Center and Abilene wish Mrs. Jones well in Austin.

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