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Christian Artist Donna Gilley Paints Her Life Journey in New Canvas CD

By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd



A tranquil harmony of Christian lyrics welcomed a peaceful spirit that contagiously spread throughout West Texas town of Haskell. Mrs. Gilley was on hand to sing at the revival for Evangelist Bill Ford. Lord, paint a picture on the canvas of my life and make it all you want it to be.Create in me a new heart that is clean. Lord, I want my life to be a canvas for you.“I am glad to be here tonight. The first song I will sing is very dear to me. It describes a canvas of my life and I think it describes your life as well,” said Christian Artist Donna Gilley. Her daughter, Taylor, 14, was alongside to sing and dance. Canvas is one of the many songs that Gilley, 36, sang from her new CD with an echo that seemed to have brought a supernatural presence with a powerful invitation.{{more}} Gilley was born to a Baptist Pastor in Opelika, Alabama where she was first inspired to get involved in the music ministry while developing a strong relationship with God. It is not everyday that a woman who plays several roles in life can fulfill her dreams. These days Donna Gilley, 36, has added one more role to her list of mother and wife. The Christian Artist is celebrating her newly released Canvas CD which was recorded in 2009 by Coleman Productions in Navarre, Florida where Gilley led praise and worship with her husband Brad, 39, for almost six years at Covenant Community Church. “The doors opened in 2001. I started leading worship in 2003. Before we were asked to be worship leaders in our church, Brad was praying for direction and God showed me that we were to have a ministry and it is called R Squared Music Ministries. I started leading worship in 2003.” said Gilley. Taylor, 14, is involved in the music ministry using her dancing talent as she performs off stage. The couple also has a stage production business called G-Force. The Gilley’s moved to Abilene after having been stationed with the Air Force from Eglin AFB to Dyess in 2009. The couple has three daughters, Taylor, Mallory, 10, and Megan, 9. Gilley keeps busy home schooling her daughters, and she has just started giving keyboard lessons. The family attends Beltway Baptist Church in Abilene. Donna Gilley. Photo by Frances Gonzales-Boyd. Gilley’s motivation to write songs started while she listened to her pastor’s sermons at Covenant, and soon all her notes gave her ideas for her song lyrics. The obedient spirit she also developed over the years led her to write her first song, Canvas after having had a dream. Canvas is also the name of CD. “The night of our anniversary in 2005, I had a dream that I was standing on stage without any music in front of me, and I got really nervous because I did not know what I was going to sing. There were so many people in the crowd. I always seem to meet myself in my dreams. It is always pivotal. In this dream, I saw myself and I said to myself, just start playing so then I sang, Canvas, like I had been singing, and like it was one I knew. The words came to me the next day.” Gilley said. The lyrics of Canvas and the other songs she wrote reflect much of her life and relationship with God Gilley learned from her father a technique that helps her make decisions in life.“My mom Clara prayed for ten years for my father before he knew the Lord. He was a smoker. I saw him walking to the van and he put his cigarettes at the altar and gave them up and never picked them up again. I learned from him that you can just simply do it. You do not have to ask questions. You just do what God tells you to do.” said Gilley. Her father did not start being a Pastor till she was in the eighth grade. The Gilleys’ are an example of a family that can work together and still reap good blessings. They hope to get back to their home in Florida when it comes time to retire from the Air Force. “God teamed up Brad and I. I needed a strong supporter. I prayed for him for ten years as well. He started going after God in 2001. We have a lot of the same passion and goals. I do not think neither one of us would have gotten this far without God.” Gilley said.

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