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By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd | April 1, 2012

Cominginto this world of hate was not planned for you withloving arms I rocked you to sleep singing you thatlullaby that comforted you with aMother’s security you had. I love you….my son with all my heart If only Iknew that my loving goodnights were notgoing to be forever as theGood Lord intended. {{more}} I neverplanned for them to snatch you from my loving arms they stoleyou like a howling wolf in the night without acause nor reason…. They cameto steal a motherand son bond thepain… where everyou are..I feel your pain when willit end? theinjustice the beasts of hate who stoleour loving bond.   I neverplanned to bring you into a world of hate, my son. pleaseforgive me for their inequitiies and ourmisfortune separating… shock I loveyou…my son… Dearly Oh..Lord..pleasehear our cry…break the chains of bondage set usfree from the injustice that caused thepain….when there was only love betweenus…only love Reunite   Tonite….foryears!…my cry! .his cry!..Oh God…A mother’s cry Is anyonelistening other the God who knows all Let theconfessor come out to the open Bring thetruth to light Set mybaby free from the hate. Reunite.