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Many decades ago people were concerned about how to meet their responsibilities in helping unfortunate children. Dedicated Christians in Abilene, Texas, explored interest in a home for these children. It was pioneers like B. A. Hayes, J. E. Epperson, J. C. Bristo, Hilly Walker, W. C. White, and Haven Miller, who made the dream come true. Cherokee Home was the result of their concern. In the mid-fifties, it became apparent that there were few provisions for assistance to the Mexican-American child. The tradition has continued over the years and has grown to include all races.{{more}} In May of 1956, the Cherokee Church of Christ said that they were ready to accept the responsibility to begin the Children’s Home. The ribbon was cut on the first cottage on September 23, 1958. The second cottage was added in September of 1960. In 1965, a third cottage and administration building were built. The dedication for the J. E. Epperson Multipurpose Building was conducted in 1970. In May of 1970, the Superintendent’s dwelling was opened. On January 8, 1972, there was an Open House for a fourth cottage. A 25′ x 50′ swimming pool was donated in October, 1972. In November, 1973, the new administration building was completed. An addition to the Assistant Superintendent’s dwelling in July 1981 made it a small cottage. The addition to the administrator’s home was completed in 1988. This move provided six cottages on the campus allowing Cherokee Home to be licensed of sixty children. The years of 1990 and 1991 were great for development of campus facilities. Many supporters saw the construction for buildings such as W. P. Brummett Memorial Library, Griffith/Granbury Relief Duplex, Cocanougher Conference Center, and the remodeling of the playground. In 1992-93 renovation of the campus wastewater system was finished. Plans for the remodeling of the campground were introduced in 1991 and will progress as funds are made available. Major renovation of the campus swimming pool was accomplished in 1992, making the pool area exciting and inviting. The years 1994, 1995, and 1996 saw the construction and completion of the Kenny Alexander Memorial Flag Pole, the Food Pantry with an underground storm shelter, and the Henry A Daughtry, Sr. Family Center & Pavilion. The Center was used for the very first time on Cherokee Day 1996! Under the direction of the elders of the Cherokee Church of Christ, the Home was served by four part-time superintendents. Hilly D. Walker served as the first full-time superintendent. He was followed by Lloyd Beasley, John Gunvordahl, and Jack Goble. Carol L. Lee was hired in 1988 as Executive Director. Danny Duggan was hired to return to Cherokee Home as the Executive Director in February 1998. He had served the Children’s Home in the capacity of Director of Development from 1982 to 1992. Overseeing the home since March, 1979, are the elders of the Austin Avenue Church of Christ in Brownwood, Texas. The board of directors is made up of men from this congregation. The success of a child cannot be measured by the number of buildings erected. It is measured by what the child achieved through his/her development at Cherokee Home. Many opportunities are given to the children to help them excel and advance toward their own success. People who love people are the heart of our success. Our prayer is that more folks like you become partners and co-workers with us… in providing care for the children.

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