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Celebrating Family Holiday Traditions

By Statepoint



Remember all those favorite holiday traditions you had as a kid? It’s time to keep them alive for generations to come and to start new ones your kids will cherish forever. There are many ways your family can make lasting holiday memories. Each of these activities could become a new tradition you can enjoy together this holiday and in future years: Decorate With Family Images Use family photos from holidays past and present to create a collage you can hang prominently in your living or family room. Create your own ornaments that display family photos, by making picture frames from popsicle sticks or fun shapes using small balls and pipe cleaners. Or simply go traditional and deck the halls together with old-fashioned trimmings and a well-placed family photo or two. Create A Holiday Quilt Traditionally, quilts have been created for milestones like the birth of a baby. Why not start a holiday quilt? Have each family member add a holiday-themed panel to one quilt. Get grandma, aunts, mom and the kids involved. Or create one square for each holiday during the year . You even can make a photo quilt where you print family photos on fabric. For help getting started, turn to one of the new books on the subject, such as “The Quilter’s Catalog: A Comprehensive Resource Guide,” by Meg Cox. “If the word ‘quilt’ brings to mind elderly ladies bending over wooden hoops, try this on for size: the quilt world has doubled to 27.7 million quilters. Even young people are getting interested, as the modern quilter’s wish-list is more likely to include a computer-driven sewing machine, designer fabric and quilt software than a handheld hoop,” says Cox, stressing how kids take to this activity. Do Good For Others Help decorate a community park or public area for the holidays. Volunteer together at a soup kitchen or clothing drive. Have the kids join you to purchase toys for a toy drive. Or have them go through their toys and donate old ones. Get out in your community and involve the family in doing good. Tree Twists Many families make annual pilgrimages to choose Christmas trees and decorate them together. Some take it one step further and venture into their backyards or the woods to decorate a tree for the animals, using edible decorations, such as popcorn, cranberries, peanut butter-covered decorations, birdseed and more. A Virtual Family Party If your relatives and friends are far-flung and can’t gather together for the holiday, hold a virtual get-together. Choose a time before the holiday and coordinate a virtual family party where everyone gets on the family computer and uses a Webcam to join the fun. Or, simply have each participant upload new family photos to a photo-sharing Web site and view them on the same night. Be they old or new, holiday traditions make the holidays more memorable.

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