Case: Dismissed Vs. Deity

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By Sienna Miller | April 1, 2008

Will you live your lifeBe-ing O.K.?And sleeping so well at night?Does it bother you to knowThat you almost tookSome-body el-ses life?Can your conscience restAnd you do your bestWith the role and part you played,Using such strong forceOn an human beingInstead of coming to their aide.You cover the truth with liesPlaced in the back of a car to rideDown to the county jail in cuffsAnd as if that was-n’t enoughYou made sure to turn cameras awayFrom the wrong that you displayedYou say now that it’s too late, to get the tapeIt’s been destroyed or e-rasedAnd Oh, how my heart aches!But the truth will all come outRight when you least expect itWhether you’re ready to face itOr even if you can’t accept itYou may have tried to destroy The evidenceLeaving no sign at all,Or you may e-ven try to leave this placeBut my God, he sees it all.Truth and justice will prevailFor every single crime,Because you don’t mess over one of God’sAnd too many is just 1 time.Can I get a witness?That’s what I wonder about todayMy main and primary witnessHas chosen to hide her faceBut as I stated earlierMy God he sees it allAnd even knows, all of our toesAnd when a single hair from our head fallsWhen I could not walk, HE made me standAnd when I could not breathe HE gave me chanceAt life again, Praise God A-men!When you dragged me in the grassI got stickers in my feetBut all the while I was hurting,It was my Lord who weepedGod, He saved my Life!You asked if I knew where I wasAnd in your own way tried to measureBut when I leant to look at the street signsAnd make that one small gesture,I was immediately deniedAnd blocked away were my eyesAnd all the while I was hurtingIt was my Lord who cried.On the audio recordingsYou stated “Well I didn’t smell any Alcohol on her breath.”But dis-satisfied with your beliefsYou encouraged “Let’s go back and search For meth.”Have you had anything to drink today,Or an-y illegal substances?I simply replied, no, no Sir.It was merely a mis-interpretation of circumstances.They proceeded to ask,As if once wasn’t enoughHarassment it cameAnd to my mind it was toughTo give them the answers they wanted to hearToo weak and disheveled“No drug addict here.”“Where did you just come from?”“Where did you just come from?”…and where do you live?I tried to tell them, that I hadJust left the house of my little sis.They proceeded to ask,As if once wasn’t enoughHarassment it cameAnd to my mind it was toughTo give them the answers they wanted to hearToo weak and disheveled“No drug addict here.”No reading of my Mirandum RightsOr walk the sobriety line,I know much better, than to believe That I was the first,Or that this has beenThe last time!I use to look up to every copRespecting his or her authority,I’ve seen that some are phonyBut not de-nying MY tes-timony!To the atheist and non-believer,I’m merely lu-cky and if only in their eyesA fortune of chance and probabilityWould be the answer of some, considered wise.A pot of good omens and superstition,Is what saved me from my de-miseAnd, but OH, I beg to differ,It was HE who heard my cries.And for all of those who stand in-between wonderingI’ll just consider you, the restIf you’re wondering how I made it,Go ahead…just take a guessFeel a little stumped or confused?Well, it was HE who was at HIS bestTo the man who knows and believes in GodIt is to You that I am simply blessed.The City, the Police Department andThe OfficerWant to dismiss itAs if it never hap-penedSweep it under the rug.But I want to know “who asked them?”It seems as if it’s the state of the world,To hide and to cover what they see,They’ll often say just leave it aloneOr to simply let it be.They’d rather rule CASE dis-missed,But I’ll leave it to DEITY!Now I may have already mentioned it, but in case I haven’t said it…I haven’t taken a drink or a drug in my life,I’m a Type 1 DiabeticThere, now I’ve just said it.Man this is patheticBut I guess I’ll gone and let itBe…You, know-To Deity! © 2006In Memory of April 13, 2004. This is a true story of a diabetic woman who in the event of a experiencing low blood sugar and in an unconscious state, was profiled and treated like a criminal while fighting for her life. She was found unconscious in her parked car. It is a story of survival. On this day, she was approached by one officer, and later surrounded by 9 others and arrested. Once the ambuance finally got there, her bloodsugar was 42. Her story will be shared Sunday April 13, 2008 on Baltimore Maryland’s FOXO Radio hosted by Bro Ellsworth Johnson-Bey A.K.A. Bro. Bey. In addition to the story, solutions will be shared on what she plans to help prevent incidents like these from occurring with peace officers and diabetics in the future as well as how citizens can help. If you are interested in helping or becoming a part of the Non-profit Organization that raises awareness of incidents like these and will begin this April . The organization will be formed in memory of April 13, 2004. Please call 829-6403 or send an email to Stories of similarity are welcome as well. Thank You.