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Butler House

By Floyd Miller



Butler House has a long history of importance to Abilene. First it was home and then office to Dr. William H. Butler, Sr. who was the first Afro-American physician in Abilene. After his death, it was deeded to Christ House to become a day care for children of Abilene. In 2002, it ceased to be a daycare and became the home of ICAN.The Butler House Historical marker L to R standing at the the marker Ms. Anita Lane, Chairman of Taylor County Historical Commisson and Rev. Andrew Penns, president of ICAN.On 4 October, the house and its history received recognition by the Texas Historical Landmarks. Rev. Penn opened the ceremonies with prayer and singing of “Be Blessed”. The marker was revealed to applause from the crowd. Students of Mrs. Butler from 1944 – Mr. Joe Alexander and 1947 – Mrs. Ruthie Maecruse were present.Mr.Gene Burgess presents award to his wife, Marion.A plaque was awarded to Mrs. Burgess for 24 years of service to Christ House and all present were invited in to the unveiling of an oil portrait to honor her service.Mrs. Burgess with her portrait. Snacks and drinks were served to all as they toured the ICAN house.

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