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Business Expo Silver Anniversary

By Joe Starkey



March 25th saw Abilene celebrate 25 years of the Business Expo. A welcome but violent storm did not stop people from filling all parking lots at the Abilene Civic Center.{{more}} Volunteers from the Dyess Clean Team were driving carts even in the driving rain to bring people from their cars and others were simply running for the doors. Inside the foyer, the main hall and the smaller hall were all packed with visitors talking to the many businesses from Abilene and surrounding area that had set up booths to inform Abilene about their business.The booths ranged from very serious to the almost frivolous. Connecting Caring Communities had handouts telling of their efforts to connect Abilenians to the community and within it. They have been involved in the CART survey which was sent to 7,000 homes and businesses to see what Abilene thinks about itself. It is to identify the sense of community here and what the community needs and what resources are available locally to fill those needs. It basically wanted to know how people here feel about belonging to Abilene. They are building 5 new homes for low-moderate income families with a neighborhood park and have 6 lots for sale to potential homeowners. For information, to bid on the lots or homes or to donate services – please call Connecting Caring Communities at 232-8241.On the more frivolous side was the Marriot Court where the folks were wearing flapper style dresses and headbands, with one wearing a zoot suit. They were being visited by Mr. Carl Lockett who claimed to be “cruising for Kiwanis.”I went before lunch so the silent auction was just under way. It must have done well as I bid full price on two items that were to be my wife’s birthday surprise and got neither one.If you are at all interested in business or even who is doing business in Abilene, be sure to go to the 26th Annual Expo next March.

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