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Buffalo Soldiers in Belize

By Floyd Miller



The Buffalo Soldiers National Museum based in Houston, Texas did a show at The Bliss in Belize. Trooper Glover, James Faulkner, Melissa Waddy Thibodeaux and Pam Plumbar-Holliman put on a great show. {{more}} The audience received the show with great enthusiasm. Everyone enjoyed themselves and they took time to visit with these artists after the show. If you are ever in Houston go by the Buffalo Soldiers Museum to learn more about a part of America’s History.A fan stands next to Buffalo Solider James Faulkner. Mr . Faulkner has the ability to stand as still as a stature. Photo By Floyd Miller.Brief History of the Buffalo SoldiersDuring the latter phase of the Civil War , the U.S. government reluctantly allowed the enlistment of African American soldiers, most of them former slaves. Initially assigned to menial duties, the soldiers of the United States Colored Troops had to endure prejudice, discrimination, ridicule and hatred even when they finally got the chance to prove themselves in battle to free their won people from slavery. Eventually 185,000 Black men served in the Union Army; more than 33,000 died. Many were honored for gallantly, valor and courage under fire.In 1866, through an act of congress, legislation was adopted to create six all African American military regiments: two Cavalry units, the 9th and 10th Regiments; and four infantry regiments that were later consolidated into two, 24th and 25th. These fighting men of color represented the first Black professional soldiers in a peacetime army. The recruits came from varied backgrounds including former slaves and veterans from service in the Civil War.Pam Plumbar-Holliman Buffalo Soldiers National Museum VP Board of Directors.The nickname buffalo soldier began with the Cheyenne Warriors in 1867. The actual Cheyenne translation was wild buffalo. The nickname was given out of respect and the fierce fighting ability of the 10th Cavalry. Overtime, Buffalo Soldier became a generic term for all African American soldiers.During the late 1800s and early 1900s, the Buffalo Soldiers were assigned to the harshest and most desolate post. Specific duties included subduing Mexican revolutionaries, outlaws, comercheros, rustlers and hostile Native Americans. Additional administrative duties included exploring and mapping the Southwest and establishing outpost for future towns.

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