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Brother’s Keeper

By Joe Starkey




You were there. Now it’s a movie and you’re watching it happen again, but from someone else’s viewpoint on it. That’s what happened to about 2,000 people Saturday night. Brother’s Keeper had its World premiere in Abilene at the Civic Center Saturday night.

Herchel Sims with Friends

First was a red carpet walk and photographs under the Abilene Eagle. Then a really nice dinner and everyone took their places in the auditorium. This was an unfinished movie and it showed. The music track was too loud and distracted from the movie. The movie itself as viewed seems rather dark because it showed more of the problems that the team members faced then the spirit of brotherhood which drove that team. The premier had very little football in it but I was told by the director that they’re working on the cuts for the team action. I really hope so because I was on the sidelines for several of those games and I would like to see myself on the screen.

They had one scene where Herschel and Randall Sims and their friends were at a local dinner and looking at the Abilene Reporter News. Ron, the photographer who took those pictures and was covering the premier said that it was a very special moment. He was used to working 2 hours at an event and then going back writing the story & editing the photographs and turning everything in by midnight so the paper could be out early in the morning. He said he was used to the concept of spectators and people who had not been to the game looking at the photographs but he had never considered the effect they had on the people in the photographs.

The only one of the players that I really remembered was Herschel Sims. I saw him as he was posing for his photograph under the eagle and except for a few age added pounds, he really looked much the same as he did coming around the end and sprinting down the sidelines to the end zone.

Abilene lawyer who played lawyer in film

It was really interesting to see Abilene coming to A World premiere. The men wore everything from tuxedos with cowboy hats and Boots and business wear and less formal clothing. The women wore full ball gowns with trails, cocktail dresses with caped and trails with versions in between. The effect was varied but very dressy on the whole. An amazing part of the dress worn was the youth. There were amazing young gentleman in tux and bow ties and suits and young ladies every bit as elegant as their mother.

After the showing of the movie, there was an after-party with a band from Tennessee. The lead singer is a relative of the local lawyer who had a part in the movie as what else; a lawyer. The band has three top 10 country hits and was absolutely great. I didn’t stay long enough for the dancing but there were several hundred people that did.

This is a movie that I believe will be well worth going to when it’s finished.

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